our desserts

sweet black venus rice with a coconut cream topping
2 sizes 125ml and 460ml gluten and dairy free, traditional rice pudding, zesty sago, gluten and dairy free 2 sizes 125ml and 460ml

very rich chocolate pot, traditional Syllabub and Fools made with seasonal fruit, in 2 sizes 125ml and 400ml

traditional english syllabub, seville orange syllabub, sweet chestnut syllabub 300g/125g

rhubarb fool, apricot fool, gooseberry fool - fruit according to the season

Very Rich Chocolate Pot 71% cocao 125ml, 400ml

Sweet Black Venus Rice topped with coconut cream
Gluten and dairy free 125ml/460ml

Sago and coconut cream, with an orange and lime zesty topping Gluten/Dairy free. 2 sizes 125ml/460ml

125g pudding pots

Traditional Rice Pudding

sweet black venus rice

Orange Posset