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I rediscovered Elizabeth David’s cookery books when rooting for a recipe in 2005. In ‘I’ll be with you in a squeeze of a lemon’, David writes about Puddings, Fools and Syllabubs. The very names are joyful, capturing the childish whimsy of a pudding, all fruit and froth, which brings back memories of long days idling in the garden with an E Nesbit novel, the smell of freshly mown grass, and sun-bleached deckchairs. There’s a glorious innocence about them. And so it came to me that there may be a gap in the market to recreate the elegant simplicity of these puddings made with ingredients from cream to custard, wine and a balance of sweet and sour fruits, the final taste epitomizing all that is best about English food. In addition, we have developed Edible Flower + Herb Shortbreads as an accompaniment to our puddings especially our Possets.